What sets INK Salon’s nail care apart is our commitment to safety and service.  Sanitation is of upmost importance to us and we will cut no corners.  Salons don’t have near the requirements needed to give you a safe manicure or pedicure; but we will do it regardless of lack of requirements.  We use an autoclave to disinfect all reusable tools.  Autoclaves are what medical doctors use and not the standard UV light box many salons use that doesn’t disinfect 100%.  We will never reuse any tool that can not be 100% sanitized, it will be thrown away or sent home with you.  You’ll also notice we go above and beyond in our source capture vents at every manicure and pedicure stations so that all nail dust, vapors and anything that could affect your breathing or health is vented away and removed from the room.  We use a four layer system of charcoal, filters, outside venting and air purification to ensure that our clients and staff can breathe easily without complications or irritants.

Our nail polishes are all 8, 9 or 10 free products.  That means they do not have any harmful chemicals that can cause health problems.  Our scrubs, lotions, masks and all products used are natural, creulty free and ingredients have never been tested on any animals.  Nut free is available upon request.


Express – $25 

A shortened version of our Spa manicure without the salt scrub, mask and massage.

Spa Manicure – $35

A full pampering of your hands and lower arms.  Massage, salt scrub, mask, cuticle care and nail polish application.


Express – $35

A shortened version of our Spa Pedicure without the mask, hot towel and massage

Spa Pedicure – $50

A full pampering of your feet and lower legs.  Massage, cuticle care, nail care, salt scrub, mask with hot towel and nail polish application.


Express – $50 

An express version of both manicure and pedicure

Spa Mani and Pedi – $70

Full versions of our indulgent Spa manicure and Spa pedicure